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A Comprehensive Plan is an official city document that highlights the goals of a city based on its current and projected community identity. 

The City of Airway Heights is updating its Comprehensive Plan and extending the planning horizon by another five years, to 2042. As part of the periodic update required by 2026, the City will include updated growth allocations for population and employment from Spokane County. This 2023 update include land use alternatives and zoning changes, and also prepare the City to participate in the County planning process for allocating growth to Airway Heights in the next periodic update. 

Plan Vision

& 10 Big Ideas

The Plan Vision serves as a guiding statement that reflects the aspirations of the community and directs updates to the Comprehensive Plan. The updated vision statement is informed by community input, the "10 big ideas," and best practices. The vision statement is connected to the plan's priorities, specific goals, policies, strategies, and actions within the plan elements.


Plan Framework

AWH Comprehensive Plan FRAMEWORK-01.png


Guiding Statement


Land Use, Transportation, Economic Development, Capital Facilities, Parks, Housing, Utilities

AWH Comprehensive Plan PLAN ELEMENTS-02.png
AWH Comprehensive Plan PLAN ELEMENTS-01.png
AWH Comprehensive Plan PLAN ELEMENTS-04.png
AWH Comprehensive Plan PLAN ELEMENTS-06.png
AWH Comprehensive Plan PLAN ELEMENTS-03.png
AWH Comprehensive Plan PLAN ELEMENTS-07.png
AWH Comprehensive Plan PLAN ELEMENTS-05.png


Broad statements indicating a general aim or purpose to be achieved.


An objective is a topic-specific statement providing guidelines for current and future decision-making.


Actions are budget-able steps envisioned or undertaken to implement plan policies.

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