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This Transportation Element addresses the motorized and non-motorized transportation needs of the City of Airway Heights. It presents the community’s policies regarding projected transportation needs (current and future); locations and conditions of the existing circulation system; the cause, scope, and nature of transportation issues and presents Level of Service Standards, street classifications, and associated transportation problems the City must address regarding projected growth. 

As specified in Washington State’s Growth Management Act (GMA), new development is prohibited unless transportation improvements -- or strategies to accommodate such impacts -- are made concurrent with the development. Such improvements and strategies must be in place or financially planned for within six years of development use. 

The type and availability of transportation resources are major factors in shaping land use patterns, while conversely, the way land is used strongly influences the need for transportation facilities. For this reason, land use and transportation facilities planning must be closely coordinated. Now and over time, the City intends to correlate existing uses, future uses, and desired characteristics with its transportation planning. 

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