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Economic Development

The understanding of economic development patterns and opportunities within a city is an important factor in managing a city’s growth. The reason for this is that the economic status of a city plays such a major role in determining growth. If there are employment or business opportunities within a community, people will be attracted to the area. If there is a lack of these things, people will likely go elsewhere. For planning purposes, those cities where a great number of economic opportunities exist must be prepared to deal with substantial growth. In those areas where few opportunities exist, it is necessary to examine why that is, and what can be done to invigorate the city’s economy. 


Planning also plays a major role in facilitating economic growth through land use decisions that are made in the Comprehensive Plan. It is important to ensure that there is ample land designated for commercial and industrial uses to fulfill the demand for these uses. A proper functioning relationship between supply and demand for commercial and industrial lands is vital to maintaining a smooth operating market. 

The City of Airway Heights is faced with a unique economic situation. Even though the City itself is small in population, its location allows it to draw business from surrounding areas. As a result, the economic opportunities within the City are much greater than its size would indicate. 

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