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Preferred Land Use Alternative

The proposed land use alternative is focused on expanding residential growth capacity in the City with the following designations:

  • Low density @ 5 units per acre

  • Medium density @ 10 units per acre

  • High density @ 10 to 20 units per acre

  • Mixed use density @ 10 to 20 units per acre


Residential growth capacity is proposed to be modified through the following strategies:

  • Apply zoning and residential capacity to existing UGA areas that are suitable for residential growth

  • Rezone properties from commercial or industrial to residential

  • Swap land within the existing UGA that is not suitable for residential growth for land outside the UGA that is suitable for residential development (UGA swaps include more than one option)

  • Upzone residential properties to a higher density zone

  • Modify growth assumptions such as how much residential development will occur in a mixed-use zone

2023_0810 AWH Maps Final Set9.jpg
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